Provide traders with best prices

Protrader provides price aggregation module for clients that use prime brokerage services and require management of various liquidity connections in frames of one platform. Price aggregation functionality solves two broker challenges:
  • Execution of large orders using all connected liquidity
  • Providing best available execution prices to end-users.

Price Aggregation Module for Forex Brokers — Protrader Multi-Asset Platform

Cost reducing

Price aggregation enables brokers to cut down their expenses on use of counterparty aggregators’ services. Being fully integrated, liquidity management module of the Protrader platform allows our clients to get a valuable advantage over their competitors.

Smart order routing

The platform allows price feeds aggregation from several providers into a single price book thus delivering to end-users best execution prices from available. It features «smart order routing» functionality that enables:
  • Order splitting between different liquidity providers to ensure best price execution
  • To set of several back-up connections in frames of one route providing disconnection tolerance.